Call for Conference Abstracts


Choice Theory, Reality Therapy & Lead Management

Mantra Twin Towns, Gold Coast, Australia

3 ~ 5 October 2019



Call for Conference Abstracts

We encourage all people interested in presenting at the Glasser Australia 2019 National Conference to submit an abstract for consideration.

The conference theme ‘Ignite the Power of Choice’ will focus on any aspect of the participants’ extension of current skills. The Conference Program will include four strands:

  1. Wellbeing in Education
  2. Staying Mentally Healthy
  3. Parenting and the Wellbeing of Children
  4. Leading and Managing for Success

 The Glasser Australia 2019 Conference Committee is calling for Conference presentations that are practical and evidenced based, allowing the audience to walk away with practices, knowledge, strategies and ideas that can be implemented in their individual settings.

The Glasser Australia 2019 Conference program will provide fantastic learning for everyone whether professionally, personally, or both. The conference will provide access to national and international speakers of high repute covering topics based on current research.



The Glasser Australia 2019 National Conference Committee is currently negotiating with world-renowned leaders Kim Olver and Lynn Sumida to be the 2019 keynote presenters.

The Conference’s theme, ‘Ignite the Power of Choice’ will extend what we already know about the Power of Choice and will provide new knowledge and skills, so we are constantly learning and improving our effectiveness as people at both personal and professional levels.

Presentations that explore any aspect of the theme ‘Ignite the Power of Choice’ will be highly regarded.


The Conference Organising Committee is seeking submissions relating to the following Conference streams:

  1. Wellbeing in Education

Educational settings are complex environments. It is vital to be able to self-manage effectively to maintain healthy levels of stress and positive relationships. This strand focuses on enhancing the wellbeing of all members of the educational community.

  1. Staying Mentally Healthy

This strand focuses on how to stay mentally healthy, help others to stay mentally healthy, and have happier more need-satisfying relationships.

  1. Parenting and the Wellbeing of Children

Parenting is probably one of the most challenging and important jobs ever. This strand offers new knowledge and skills to assist parents to maintain quality relationships while teaching their children to self-manage. It provides strategies to empower children to become more resilient, happier and mentally healthy.

  1. Leading and Managing for Success

This strand focuses on successful strategies to effectively lead and manage change in community groups, schools, health and affiliated organisations and any business no matter how large or small. It could be in change in the classroom or extend to change in a large organisation. It is a strand for leaders in any environment.



Workshops – Presentations

Presenters seeking formal review of a written paper can submit an abstract of up to 450 words for a workshop/presentation. Please indicate your preferred length of time for your workshop/presentation – 45, 60 or 90 minutes.

The PowerPoint from these presentations may be made available on the Glasser Australia website following the conference.

All abstracts must include two learning objectives:

  • Learning Objective 1 should answer the question: “What will people in the audience gain or learn from attending their presentation?” (The focus should not be on what you are to present but what delegates will take away from the session.)
  • Leaning Objective 2 should answer the question: “How is your presentation relevant to implementation and to what setting?”



The following guidelines apply for the submission of all abstracts:

  • All abstracts are to be submitted online via the Glasser Australia website:
  • Submissions on any topic related to the streams for the Conference will be considered.
  • Abstracts should be a maximum of 450 words which will include the separate answers to the learning objectives.
  • Submissions must include a biography of the presenter/s of up to 200 words.
  • Submissions that do not include a biography of the presenter/s will not be considered.
  • Abstracts should be submitted by no later than 3 May 2019.
  • Contributors will be provided with advice of acceptance or rejection of their submissions by 28 June 2019.
  • Authors are to return their acceptance of the ‘Invitation to Present Form’ by 12 July 2019.
  • The committee reserves the right to accept or reject any submission and extend or shorten the presentation duration.



Please Note: The presenting author/s MUST register to attend the Conference for at least the day in which they are scheduled to present. If there are other authors on the paper who are attending the Conference to present, they must also register to attend the Conference. For all registration enquiries and details, we refer you to the website:


To submit an abstract for the Glasser Australia 2019 National Conference, please email your submission to [email protected]


Call for Abstracts due by                                                                                          3 May 2019

Abstract Submission Outcome advised by                                                        28 June 2019

Authors to return their acceptance of ‘Invitation to Present’ by             12 July 2019

Final Power Points due by                                                                                       6 Sept 2019


Yours sincerely


Maureen Sansom
Conference Convener


For further information regarding the Review Process and the submission criteria, please contact:

Susan Fleming                                                        Sue Berry

Email:  [email protected]                                      Email: [email protected]