Who is Dr William Glasser?

A world renowned psychiatrist, who developed a new internal control psychology called Choice Theory ®, that explains how and why we behave. His goal was to teach the world how to have better mental health and improved quality relationships .

Get answers to life’s age-old questions

Using Dr William Glasser’s Choice Theory teachings, we can help you get answers to the following questions:

What is happiness and how can I achieve it?

How can I best deal with common issues such as depression, anxiety, health, marriage, jobs, addictions, education, violence, sex etc.?

How can I work out how to be free to live my life the way I want to live it and still get along well with the people I need?

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Membership with Glasser Australia automatically includes membership with WGI (William Glasser International) as well, which means you’ll get even more support and resources. Membership includes benefits such as: Glasser Australia Newsletters, Annual Reports, Voting Rights, Conference/Seminar Discounts, Book/Resource Discounts and more.

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