Lead Management

Lead Management

Lead managers apply their understandings of Choice Theory to working with others in the workplace, home or community.  Lead management focuses on the relationships between people with quality at its heart.  Lead managers continually work on the system to maintain an environment where coercion is minimized and the conditions of quality are maximized.  Lead management is applicable in any culture.  A choice theory program in Japan has been successfully training managers for over 20 years in the principles and applications of Lead management.

The Lead-Manager needs to identify:

  • Who they are
  • What they stand for
  • What they will do
  • What they won’t do
  • What they will ask people to do
  • What they won’t ask people to do

When challenged with a problem they don’t ask “Who is to blame?” they ask, “What is the problem and how do we solve it?”

Lead Managers:

  • Engage and encourage the workers in ongoing honest discussion of both the cost and quality of the work that is needed for the organisation to be successful.
  • Clearly define and regularly review the quality (of service or product) that is needed.
  • Promote self evaluation rather than external evaluation.
  • Facilitates the constant improvement needed for quality by providing the best tools and a trained, friendly, connective atmosphere in which to work.

Recommended Reading:

The Control (Choice) Theory Manager, (1994)

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