Cathy Dillon

Cathy Dillon

Business Support Leader

Cathy is passionate about helping people to help themselves. She became involved with Choice Theory in the late 90’s as a parent and became the benefactor of a scholarship that allowed her to complete her Basic Intensive Training in 2011. As a result of her journey Cathy stayed connected with other members of the organisation, participated in networking forums i.e. FOG, became the Victorian Regional Representative and currently leads the Take Charge of Your Life, Your Happiness is your Choice Meetup group in Melbourne with Akari Komori.

Cathy has attended both international and local conferences and has developed a deeper understanding of how Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management can enhance the quality of life for herself and others.

As an experienced Human Resources professional in the Corporate and more recently Not for Profit sector, Cathy has experience leading the delivery of people priorities and initiatives that help drive change. Having worked with and coached a variety of stakeholders across various levels, she believes that her knowledge and ability to practice Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management has been instrumental in the success of her working relationships.

Quality relationships are key to Cathy, she loves socialising, having fun and spending time with family and friends. Cathy has enjoyed the diversity of industry representation amongst our members and is extremely grateful for the support she has had over the years by various members, Trainers, Faculty and more recently the Board. Her hope is to be able to bring another industry perspective to Glasser Australia to help further its impact in the business community over the coming years.