Christine Duffield

My “Choice Theory” journey began in 2003 when I attended a workshop facilitated by the delightful Joan Hoogstad. After this initial introduction I continued learning about Choice Theory and became a Basic Training Instructor with the William Glasser Institute after completing the faculty course of study in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management in Toronto in 2014. I am committed to teaching as many people as I can Dr Glasser’s amazing insights into what drives human behaviour by teaching them Choice Theory. I have successfully taught basic practicums and advanced practicums, facilitated Basic Intensive Trainings in regional SA and run several Take Charge of Your Life courses. I am prepared to offer Choice Theory training online at any level (that I am qualified to). I have lived and worked in sunny Whyalla, SA for 55 years and have taught children from Reception to Year 12 over a 40-year career.