Gwen Sands

Gwen Sands

Basic Intensive Instructor, Practicum Supervisor (Advanced & Basic)

I am the foundation Principal of Peregian Springs SS on the Sunshine Coast. This role has been a huge privilege and a lot of fun. I have had an opportunity to instil the principles of Choice Theory into all of our operations and create a true quality learning environment that children, parents and teachers love to come to each day. Professionally my special interests are primary school leadership, inquiry and embedded technology in the curriculum and the teaching of reading.


Personally, I love to read and travel and as a keen SCUBA enthusiast I am also a volunteer with CoralWatch. I have a grown up daughter who I adore. Living close to the beach means we have quality time together in or near to the ocean which we both love. I also have two cats who bring endless joy to my life and teach me about Choice Theory every day!

Contact details:

Ph:  0459 849 326