Liz Tham

Consultant Educational Psychologist

Trainer-Counsellor in Choice Theory / Reality Therapy

  • Psychological testing and assessment
  • Management of children’s learning and behaviour difficulties
  • Parent education, family & couple counselling
  • School counselling
  • Counsellor training and supervision

I enjoy interacting with groups and offer stimulating exercises to practice concepts and skills.  My background in educational psychology helps me to understand group behaviours and habits.  In my life-long learning of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management, I have consistently integrated spirituality, personal wellness and mental health in my practice.  My strength lies in effective teaching skills, sensitive listening and clear feedback with fellow trainers and trainees, especially in most challenging situations.  I have taught CTRTLM around the world, bringing Dr Glasser’s ideas to remote areas of Albania, Sicily, Malaysia and the Philippines.  I am happy to have been instrumental in giving life to the William Glasser Institute both in Singapore and in the Philippines.

Taking its inspiration from the title of Dr Glasser’s last book, “Take Charge of Your Life”, I am offering  a six hour workshop to  introduce the care-givers and health care workers to Choice Theory with a focus on mental well- being and personal freedom.

Contact details

Ph:  0400 389 585