Maureen Sansom

Maureen Sansom

Secretary, Take Charge of Your Life Facilitator

The Secretary is responsible for participating in all Board meetings, proper preparation and recording of agendas and minutes, recording and attending to correspondence, maintaining the collation of Board meeting motions and ensuring the Australian Addendum is kept current.
Responsibilities also include overseeing the compilation and distribution of the Annual Report, preparing associated documents for Annual General Meeting and various other tasks as negotiated with the Board.

I have been employed by the Department of Education for the past 25 years and commenced my Choice Theory/Reality Therapy/ Lead Management training in 2007.

With the support and encouragement of many people as well as instructional leaders, I was Certified in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management in 2011.

I am forever grateful to my wonderful mentor Joan Hoogstad who had a profound effect on my life during my learning for the Advanced Certification in the Clinical Practice of Reality Therapy in 2013. Joan shared her unconditional love and support and taught me that – “Our experience may be different, but our struggles are the same”.  How true it is!

I became a facilitator of the Take Charge of Your Life program in 2015.

During 2017, I assisted with the co-ordination of the William Glasser Institute Australia conference – ‘We know ……. could we know better?’  held in Newcastle and in 2019, the Glasser Australia conference ‘Ignite the Power of Choice’ on the Gold Cost. I will continue to offer my assistance with the 2021 conference ‘Exploring the Freedom of Choice’ that will also be held on the Gold Coast.