Murray Kitteringham

Murray Kitteringham

Practicum Supervisor (Advanced & Basic)

Murray is the current principal of Sir Joseph Banks High School, which is a low Socioeconomic Status high school south of Bankstown in SW Sydney area. 91% of students are from Non English Speaking Backgrounds and 100% of the students need their school.

During the 5 years that Murray has ‘Lead Managed’ this school, some key changes have taken place. The school’s Vision of Excellence, Opportunity, Innovation and Success reflect the aspirations of the community. School rules have been replaced with values “THINK, Respect Learn” – to ‘teach the behaviours we want to see’.

Working on the simple philosophy ‘happy kids learn’ SJBHS is amongst the highest growth high schools in the state. Every student leaves school with one foot into their future and over the last 5 years, 100% of students on an ATAR pattern of study have attained university placement.

Identified and included in CESE’s latest best practice research and case study papers ‘Supporting Student Learning’ in 2018 and more recently ‘Supporting High School Completion’ , Joeys ensures student learning is well supported through targeted wellbeing and learning support programs. Every senior student has an individual learning plan developed one on one with the Transition Team Coordinator. The impact has been that our lowest quartile students leave school ‘on par’ with their highest quartile peers. A unique example of equity in action that achieves exactly what Equity funding is supposed to.

Murray leads William Glasser’s Choice Theory, Lead Management positive Psychology model that has proven key to the current success that the school has earned. The outcomes for the community have been showcased on SBS Insight program “Teaching Success – how do you turn a school around?” and a podcast recorded with Mark Scott, The NSW Secretary of Education.