Sheryl Matwijkiw

Sheryl Matwijkiw


The Role of the Treasurer is to ensure that all statutory requirements for the organisation are met according to rules set by ASIC, ACNC and the ATO. The Treasurer assists the Administration officer with the book keeping and provides financial reports to the Board in a timely manner. The Treasurer is also required to set budgets and manage the monetary affairs of the organisation.

Sheryl has been involved with Glasser Australia for a number of years in varying capacities: Regional Co-Ordinator, Secretary and currently,Honorary Treasurer. “Choice Theory changed my life. I have built lasting friendships and learned skills to manage my life and an understanding of want I want, why I behave the way I do and how to better get what I want. Knowing that the only person I can control is myself is very powerful and freeing.”

Sheryl is a book keeper and currently works for a Not for Profit Community Centre and Registered Training Organisation managing the finances and payroll. It is a culturally diverse centre offering English classes to refugees and migrants and Lifestyle classes for the local community, along with Aged Care and Disability courses. This is a great working environment for modelling choice theory.

Sheryl has been involved in a number of National Conferences (Cairns, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Alice Springs, Adelaide) and International Conferences (Sydney and Los Angeles), with the latest being the WGNZ conference in Cambridge, NZ. These are times of fun, learning, travel and connecting with other like minded people in wonderful parts of the world.