Susan Fleming

Susan Fleming

Immediate Past President, Basic Intensive Instructor, Practicum Supervisor (Advanced & Basic), Faculty Program Consultant

I have worked as an Educator for over 40 years as a Special Education Teacher, Behaviour Support Teacher, Guidance Officer and was Principal of Tennyson Special School a facility for students with Behaviour and Adjustment difficulties for 16 years. I am also a trained family therapist and counsellor.

I have been involved with the Glasser Australia for over 17 years. I was introduced to Choice Theory when I completed my first basic week in 1999. It made a profound impact on my personal and professional life. It gave me the tools to take more personal responsibility for my life and allow others the opportunity to do the same. My learnings about Lead Management helped me be a better and more effective leader. I am a Basic Week Instructor, Advanced Practicum Supervisor, a Faculty Program Consultant and Take Charge of Your Life Facilitator. In 2011 I completed the William Glasser Institute’s Advanced Certification developed by Joan Hoogstad. It is one of my passions to work with a group of us to gain accreditation for this course again.

I have worked as Regional Coordinator for Glassers Australia SE Qld and have been a member of the board since 2006. I am the current Immediate Past President and have carried out the roles of President, Fifth Director and previously two terms as Training Officer. I am passionate about providing quality training and exploring with others innovative ways to promote CT/RT/LM to the wider community and in courses that meet industry standards. I love connecting with our members as I am always inspired hearing about people’s personal journeys and the work that is being done to promote CT/RT/LM, the commitment to Glasser’s ideas and creative ways they are applied.

I have a strong commitment to promoting RT/CT/LM not only in the educational and Mental Health settings but also as a way to improve people’s quality of life and happiness.


Contact details:

Phone: 0417 711 164

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ID Event Name Duration Start Date
BIT2126 Basic Intensive Training – Closed | Bayview State School, Qld 1 Weeks February 20, 2021