Housekeeping for Happiness

Housekeeping for Happiness

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The pack of 52 cards were developed by  Dorothy Devine MA.,  Senior Faculty, Glasser Australia, to fill the need of a personal coach.

When any major concept is studied, unless the ideas are revisited in the weeks following the initial learning, the recall and practice of the information rapidly slips to about 5% and the workshop becomes an expensive faded memory.  As well as revisiting the material on a regular basis, [revising] it is essential to incorporate actioning of the ideas in the real world.  Unless the learner transforms the knowing to the doing, there is no transformational learning. Yes, it may be known, but can it be manifested in a positive behaviour, on demand and under duress?

By selecting a card and applying the ideas on a daily or weekly basis, the essence of individual coaching is achieved.



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