The Leader-Mind Equation - Rob Stones

The Leader-Mind Equation – Rob Stones

If you want to become an even more effective leader this book is for you – because this book is about you! It will help you to explore the way you think and act through a new appreciation of the working of your own mind. It will also show you how to use that knowledge to enhance your leadership effectiveness.

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‘The Leader-Mind  Equation’ explains leadership from the viewpoint of internal control psychology, the liberating psychological theory that emphasises that each of us is internally controlled and can take charge of our own lives.

‘The Leader-Mind Equation’ promotes mindful choices: choices that will grow the capacity of those around you and engage their enthusiasm and commitment. The mind-management tools you acquire will assist you to provide clarity and direction for your team. These pages will support you in promoting what matters most and will help you to avoid distractions.

Think of it as an equation:

Effectiveness = Capability + Direction + Commitment – Distraction