The TAO of Team in Practice - Rob Stones

The TAO of Team in Practice – Rob Stones

If you know that your school will thrive and prosper from the impact of highly effective teams, ‘The Tao of Team in Practice’ is for you. It has been written at the request of many school leaders who know that they want to create and work with dynamic and cohesive teams, and who need a resource to help them form and nurture the energetic collaborations that result in great teamwork.

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The Tao of Team (the ‘way’ or ‘doctrine’ of team effectiveness) is the theme of this manual for practitioners. It is a compendium of activities that will bring people together, support team direction and decision-making and liberate individual creativity in the service of the school and community.

The activities and interactions promoted in this book will help leaders unite their team and develop their skills in order to promote their vigorous and influential leadership of the school.

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