Refund – Policy & Procedure

1.  Introduction

The Glasser Australia (GA) Board (called the “Board” in this policy) understands and respects the fact that in some instances conference delegates and/or training participants may be unavoidably prevented from attending the Glasser Conference and/or training; therefore, the GA Board offers a refund to delegates and/or training participants who have paid to attend the Glasser Conference and/or training but are unable to attend.

2.  Purpose

This policy sets out guidelines for delegates to access a refund where they are unable to attend the Glasser Conference and/or training who have paid the Conference registration and/or training free.

3.  Scope

This policy relates to the cancellation for all events related to the Glasser Australia Conference and/or training.

4.  Procedure

To receive a refund the delegate will:

  • Contact Glasser Australia in writing to
  • Contact Glasser Australia no less than ten (10) days prior to the Conference and/or training date.
  • Not be granted a refund after the specified ten (10) day period before the Conference and/or training date.
  • Pay a cancellation administration fee of $100.00 and the balance will be refunded to the delegate.

Transfer of Conference registration and/or training fee:

  • The delegate may request for his/her Conference registration and/or training fee to be transferred to another person, that he/she specifies any time prior to the Conference and/or training date.
  • The transfer will take effect without a penalty applying.

5.  Review

Policy Title Refund Policy
Developed by Cathy O’Toole
Adopted by Glasser Australia Board
Adoption Date 24th February 2021 Scheduled Review Date Feb 2023
Version 2.0