Choice Theory and Reality Therapy in Action: Two Day Introductory Workshop (suitable for Therapists or Coaches)

The Australian Psychological Society has endorsed, the above workshop as Specialist Professional Development. Attendance will attract 14 points for members of the following APS College: Clinical, Health, Education/Developmental and Counselling. Members of other APS colleges and Non-College members may claim the generalist points.

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Excellence in Teaching:  Endorsed by Glasser Australia since 2003, this two-part training program begins with implementation of Choice Theory in the Quality Classroom through a series of interactive modules that model internal control psychology. Classroom practices based on building relationships,  self evaluation and quality work are experienced as part of the workshops.

Collegial Coaching :  The second part of this program facilitates deep understanding of teacher-to-teacher coaching for quality. The Collegial Coaching model is non evaluative, strength-based and a powerful way of  helping teachers to continuously improve their classroom practice. It is designed for teachers to explore their deeply held values and beliefs about  quality teaching and learning

Lead Management Coaching – Emotionally Intelligent Instructional Coaching: Glasser Australia endorsed program is designed for schools to enable them to provide training for their supervisory team to use processes of supervisory coaching.  This differs from current Collegial Coaching program, where teachers coach teachers. As a process based on internal control psychology it aligns with Choice Theory and its applications.

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