Take Charge of Your Life

How much do you feel in control of your life?


Why do you allow some people to control you and yet you won’t allow others to do so? Does anyone control you, really? If you believe that the world around you controls you, it could be said that you are externally controlled.  But in reality, is that really true?  Do you choose who you allow to control you?  Or, are you actually controlled by the beliefs and principles by which you live? Where do those principles and beliefs come from?  Do they come from your parents, from your friends, from the society in which you live?

What if…

  • you could better understand why you do the things you do?
  • you could make better choices to get along with those people who are important in your life?
  • you could take charge of your life?

William Glasser, M.D. taught that all human beings are born with at least five genetic needs, the need to stay alive, Survival; the need for affection and caring, Love and Belonging; the need to be able to make choices, Freedom; the need to have value, Power; and the need to enjoy life, Fun.  How we perceive  or  understand  these  needs,  and  how  we  act  to  satisfy  them  each  day,  are  the  internal motivation for all of our behaviour.  Dr Glasser taught that all our behaviour is purposeful in an attempt to satisfy these needs, and that we are doing the best we can at any moment of time due to the information and beliefs that we have.

Choice Theory Psychology, described by Dr Glasser, is the information upon which this program “Take Charge of Your Life” is based. With the concepts and beliefs of Choice Theory, every human being can manage their lives more effectively and learn to self-evaluate each choice of behaviour so that we can be productive and pursue happiness throughout our lives.  In this program, the concepts of Choice Theory® will be presented for you to decide whether you think this theory of behaviour is accurate and helpful for you.

To find someone to speak to about Take Charge of Your Life, see the Facilitators below:


What is the “Take Charge of Your Life” workshop?

This is a special workshop developed by William Glasser International open to the general public and intended to help people take better control of their lives.  It serves as a basic introduction to Choice Theory Psychology as a way to understand how we can improve the quality of our own lives and our personal wellbeing.

How long does the workshop last?

It takes a total of six hours and these sessions may be delivered in one day or may be distributed over several days to suit the needs of the participants.

Who may do the workshop?

Anyone can attend.

What is involved in the workshop?

This takes the form of six different sessions and these include short presentations and activities.  There is a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Is a certificate issued?

The workshop is officially recognised by William Glasser International, the body formally appointed by Dr Glasser to continue his work. Your facilitator will organize a certificate.

How much does it cost?

WGI wish the cost of the workshop to be as reasonable as possible. Your facilitator will determine the cost and there is a small administration fee for a formal certificate from William Glasser International.

Who can I talk to about the workshop?

A list of Accredited Facilitators is available below

Who facilitates the workshop?

list of Australian Accredited Facilitators  is available by clicking this link.

If I wish to join a “Take Charge of Your Life” workshop, what should I do?

Go to the Glasser Australia Training page to see what training is available in Australia.

Accredited Facilitators

For further information about Take Charge of Your Life please contact

Bette Blance, William Glasser International: [email protected]

Sue Berry, Glasser Australia: [email protected]

or one of the following :

Australian Accredited Facilitators


John Archibald [email protected] Toowoomba, Queensland
Sue Berry [email protected] Port Lincoln, South Australia
Bette Blance [email protected] North Island , New Zealand
Maggie Bolton [email protected] Sydney, NSW
John Cooper [email protected] Alice Springs, Northern Territory
Di Childs [email protected] Adelaide, South Australia
Susan Fleming [email protected]ond.com Brisbane, Queensland
Aaron Grugan [email protected] New South Wales
Sylvia Habel [email protected] Adelaide, South Australia
Ines Pintos-Lopez [email protected] Gold Coast, Queensland
Marian Ruyter [email protected] Bendigo, Victoria
Maureen Sansom  [email protected] Port Stephens, NSW
Lorraine Shaw [email protected] Gold Coast,  Queensland
Nancy Snow [email protected] Newcastle, NSW
Jeff Steedman [email protected] Lower Plenty, Victoria
Kalikamurti Saraswati Suich [email protected] Alice Springs, Northern Territory
Lauren Want [email protected] Springfield Lakes, Queensland
Gayle Williams [email protected] Victoria
Graeme Willox [email protected] Swan Hill, Victoria

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