Under the umbrella of William Glasser International, Glasser Australia exists to teach Choice Theory in Australia.

We teach comprehensive, evidence-based training programs which lead to skills in any or all of the following areas of application:

  • Reality Therapy is an approach to counselling and problem-solving that focuses on the here-and-now actions of the client and their ability to create and choose a better future. In addition to its use in professional therapy, it is effective in a wide range of less formal settings to support personal growth or untangle relationship issues.


  • Lead Management is the application of Choice Theory to any situation where one’s responsibility is to manage others. This would include managing workers, students, our own children, members of social/civic groups, etc. Lead management, which relies on intrinsic motivation, sharply contrasts with traditional boss management, which relies on extrinsic motivation through the application of coercive techniques such as incentive plans and various forms of punishment.


  • Education. The potential for Choice Theory practices to positively impact wellbeing and quality of education for a school community is well recognized. Formally, the Glasser Quality School accreditation process is a way of embedding these practices into a school with the aim of creating a quality educational experience atmosphere with no coercion, where all members of the school community learn to get along well together.


Further information about the ideas behind what we teach can be found using the drop-down menu.

For information about training in these ideas, explore the TRAINING section.

For information about the evidence base of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy see https://www.wglasserinternational.org/research/evid-based/

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