Personal Growth and Development

 “What do you want?”  

It is amazing how life-changing the question can be as you journey on exploring what you really want.

Using the self-evaluation questions of Choice Theory and with further educational training can initiate a rewarding personal journey of exploration which can lead you to life changing decisions

Many people believe that human behaviour is affected by external sources. Choice theory is an internal psychology which explains how and why we behave. Dr Glasser believed in personal choice, personal responsibility, and personal transformation.

Dr Glasser’s strong beliefs were that this learning should be available to anyone who is interested. His personal mission was to ‘Teach the World Choice Theory’. Glasser believed in the education and empowerment of people to change their choices and have more effective control of their lives.

Dr William Glasser’s Choice Theory has been evolving for over 50 years. Through his own work and the contributions of the Choice Theory community which now has members in 35 countries across the world people who have learned and internalised the same powerful concepts. This has enhanced the quality of their own lives and the lives of others around them.

Your journey could begin with simply reading his most recent book, “Take Charge of Your Life”, or you can access more in depth training. Learning in a group can be more engaging and fun – it is your choice!

Glasser Australia offers quality,  evidence-based training in Choice Theory and its extensive applications, beginning with a 6 hour Take Charge of Your Life course or a 4 day Basic Intensive Training.

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“Take Charge of Your Life” by Dr William Glasser,

Awarded best self-help book

at the

18th Annual Independent Publishers Book Awards, 2014