An Approved Faculty Program Consultant needs to make an application to the Glasser Australia Office. Their role is to mentor the people that are training to be Faculty during various phases of their training.

Note: Each participant who is undertaking a Faculty Program must work with a mentor which is central to the training process. The Faculty Program Consultant must have attained and be working at the level the participant is being trained in. ie. A Faculty Program Consultant mentoring a participant for a Basic Instructor Program must themselves be a Basic Training Instructor conducting Basic Training.  They can also supervise practicum supervisors. 

Participants are required to nominate their Faculty Program Consultant when they apply to take part in Faculty training through Glasser Australia.

Advanced Intensive Instructors

Bolton, Maggie

Farrell-Jones, Mary

Garnaut, Garry

Hatswell, Judy

Honey, Ivan

Sahebi, Ali

Stones, Rob

Liz Tham

Basic Intensive Instructors

Advanced Practicum Supervisors