How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety Effectively

Feelings of excess stress and anxiety are hellish. We know because we have all been there.

When we depress and shut down due to those feelings of excess stress and anxiety, we generally attract sympathy. This is because our loved ones and those who care about us feel concern and usually become more caring.

There is nothing wrong with that. Oxytocin (the love hormone), is a valid support when we’re feeling down, but it won’t help us address our stress and anxiety unless we are willing to address our real issues.

Those real issues are always centred around our behaviours, and our behaviours not only include our thoughts, they are dictated by them.

Jeff has over thirty years of experience in supporting people to deal more effectively with stress and anxiety. He has supported teachers, students, parents, employees and business owners. In fact, there would hardly be a section of the community Jeff hasn’t supported. Now with this online course he can support you.

Jeff bases his counselling on Choice Theory, which was developed by Dr WIlliam Glasser. You can read more about that here.

We’ve broken the course up into 14 short videos that you can do at your own pace. Activities go along with most of videos so that you can apply what you learn in the videos to your own life and situation.

Topics covered include:-

  • What is Stress
  • The Needs that Drive all our Behaviour
  • Our Quality World
  • Our Perceived World
  • Our Comparing Place
  • Is Stress a Mental Illness
  • First Aid for Distress
  • Long Term Solutions for Distress

What You’ll Learn?

  • The things you can change
  • The 3 types of stress
  • The physiological effects of stress
  • Your personal Needs Profile
  • How to self-evaluate the behaviours that are creating your stress
  • Choice Theory basics
  • How to turn stress into an asset

What Do I Need?

  • Access to the Internet, a computer or tablet and preferably a printer.
  • An ability to take on new information and a willingness to change your behaviours
  • A small amount of time to reset your life, while you work through the modules and develop your personal life plan.

How is this Course Different?

  • This course uses Choice Theoryto address stress and anxiety in a way that is accessible to everyone.
  • You will gain skills that will enable you to effectively manage stress in your life so that it works for you rather than against you.

Let’s start

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I was first introduced to Choice Theory in 2016 and then went on to do Basic Intensive training with Jeff. Learning Choice Theory and applying it daily has changed my life, my relationships, my work and my stress levels. I absolutely love it because it works, it does make a difference and it does give you personal freedom.  What I love the most about Choice Theory is that it sits perfectly with my Christian Faith and my growth as a person, and you can draw on its core teaching, time and time again.

Jeff is an absolute pro and guru as a Choice Theory facilitator. He is so good at what he does. I have learnt from the best.

Thank you so much Jeff and Deb. It’s great that you are taking this one step further and sharing it to a much wider audience. I can absolutely guarantee everyone benefits from Choice Theory internal control psychology, and if everyone applies it to their daily life this world will be a much better place. Amen. Written with love and immense gratitude.

Amanda Blandford