The Get Happier School is a social and emotional learning curriculum ( Prep to grade 6,  and Years 7 and 8 ) teaching Choice Theory and Reality Therapy to children. This new and innovative program is being used in schools around the world. It contains comprehensive, integrated and colourful resources for children, teachers and parents.

The resources and programs have been developed by Ivan Honey and the Get Happier team over the past 6 years. Ivan is a Senior Instructor with Glasser Australia, an educator and a psychologist with over 40 years experience. He teaches Choice Theory around the world to teachers, counsellors and parents.

The Get Happier School has just been awarded the Australian Pacific Insider Award, 2019 for the “Most Comprehensive Parent and Child Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiative-Victoria’

To find out more, or to visit a Get Happier School, contact Ivan at or visit the website,