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Membership with Glasser Australia automatically includes membership with WGI (William Glasser International) as well, which means you’ll get even more support and resources. Membership includes benefits such as: Glasser Australia Newsletters, Annual Reports, Voting Rights, Conference/Seminar Discounts, Book/Resource Discounts and more.

Choose your plan and benefits Platinum
Glasser Australia/WGI Faculty Faculty General Membership General Membership General Membership
Requirements Practicum Supervisor, Basic Instructor or Senior Instructor Practicum Supervisor, Basic Instructor or Senior Instructor Certified Up to and including Certification Student / Concession Membership / Retired Faculty
Glasser Australia Membership
Access to community blog and Calendar of Events, contribution of articles to blog
WGI General Membership
Voting Rights
Special Discounts on e-store
*Take Charge Facilitator Membership with WGI
*Teach Take Charge of Your Life Program
*Submissions to Calendar of Training
WGI Faculty Membership
Mentor for Take Charge of Your Life Program Facilitator Training
Pre- Certification training and Faculty Training  as qualifications allow
Business Page listing/promotion
Link to your website and you link your website to Glasser Australia
Advertise your products and services

* Please note: If you’re not Faculty but you are an accredited Take Charge Facilitator you will need to pay a one-off registration fee directly to WGI each year and purchase a Regular or Business membership with Glasser Australia.  This will enable you to teach the Take Charge of Your Life program and submit courses to the calendar of training.


Membership Year

Glasser Australia year extends from 01 January 2021 – 31 December 2021

Membership Benefits

Some exciting new BONUSES now available to members are:

Glasser Australia Board wishes to advise that your membership now includes membership to William Glasser International ( This does not cost you more! It is an opportunity for us to continue providing you with a variety of ways to connect to the work and teachings of William Glasser.

Faculty members PLEASE NOTE:

It is a requirement of Faculty to be a member of both Glasser Australia and with WGI. This fee is now paid by Glasser Australia directly to WGI. Being a member of the WGI also gives you voting rights on international elections and access to other literature and resources. To keep our database up to date Glasser Australia requires notification of any changes to your details that may have occurred in the past twelve months.

Other benefits are:

• Glasser Australia Newsletters
• Annual Report
• Voting Rights
• Conference/Seminar Discounts
• Book/Resource Discounts

Membership Renewal

Advise any changes to your details via email to

Level Price  
Platinum $300.00 per Year. Select
Faculty $255.00 per Year. Select
Business $145.00 per Year. Select
Regular $100.00 per Year. Select
Associate $30.00 per Year. Select

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