Ignite the Power of Choice

We almost always have choices, and the better the choice, the more we will be in control of our lives.’’

Dr William Glasser

The personal recognition that we almost always have choices available to us constitutes a  paradigm shift from an external to internal psychology, giving us the freedom to choose the way we respond to the unfolding events in our lives.

The theme of the Glasser Australia National Conference hinges on the belief that taking responsibility for our choices will lead to a stronger sense of personal control in our lives and thus to better mental health and well-being, allowing us to be more effective both personally and professionally.

Using the powerful concepts of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management,  parents, leaders, educators and helping professionals can provide an environment where personal responsibility is supported, encouraged and nurtured.



Wellbeing in Education 

Educational settings are complex environments.

It is vital to be able to self-manage effectively to maintain healthy levels of stress and positive relationships while enhancing the well-being of all members of the educational community.

One of the most important things we need to learn is how to get along well with each other. If we want a mentally healthier society, a good place to teach this is in schools” (Dr William Glasser)

Staying Mentally Healthy 

This strand focuses on how we stay mentally healthy, help others to stay mentally healthy, and have more need-satisfying relationships: how to feel safer and more connected, powerful, playful and free.

I believe that not getting along as well with each as we would like is the number one public mental health problem of the world.” (Dr William Glasser)   

 Parenting and the Wellbeing of Children 

Parenting is probably one of the most challenging and important jobs. EVER!

This strand offers new knowledge and skills to assist parents to maintain quality relationships while teaching their children to self-manage. It provides strategies to empower children to become more resilient, mentally healthy and successful in life.

“Try as hard as possible to teach, show, and help your children to gain effective control of their lives”. (Dr William Glasser)

 Leading and Managing for Success 

Understanding human behaviour and motivation can assist managers to achieve quality outcomes in the workplace.

This strand focuses on successful strategies to effectively lead and manage change in:

  •       community groups
  •       schools
  •       health and affiliated organisations and
  •       any business no matter how large or small.

“Lead management is needed in many situations besides business. It can be applied to how teachers are managed as well as how teachers manage students.” (Dr William Glasser)


If you want to learn and share with others knowledge or applications which focus on using internal psychology in everyday life and work, the Glasser Australia National Conference will provide an opportunity for you to;

  • Increase your knowledge and skills in an area of interest
  • Discuss current thinking related to mental health, relationships, education, leadership and implementing change
  • Network with others from Australia and around the world
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Create and maintain relationships with others
  • Consider differing perspectives
  • Renew your motivation for improved mental health at both personal and professional levels