Garry Garnaut

Garry Garnaut

Senior Faculty, Advanced Intensive Instructor, Basic Intensive Instructor, Practicum Supervisor (Advanced & Basic)

Garry has a B.Ed. and a Masters in Counselling. He is an Advanced Instructor for the William Glasser Institute.

Garry is married to Christine and they have four grown up children, two are married and they have 3 nearly 4 grandchildren.  Christine continues to work in her career as a university researcher.

Garry’s professional career has involved periods as a high school teacher, classroom consultant, counsellor, support services manager, school leader, and working in the private sector as a rehabilitation counsellor and as a group educator in communication and assertion skills.

Garry retired from education in August 2012. In 2015, he retired from counselling and maintains a commitment to teaching Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management as a Senior Instructor locally and overseas. He continues to do Life Coaching with individauls using Choice Theory.

Garry has learnt that being retired is a career in itself and he spends his time enjoing his married and family life, babysitting his grandchildren, house renovating, fishing, sailing and generally enjoying the benefits of retirement after a 40 year working career.

Contact details:

Ph:  0408 290 004