Ivan Honey

Ivan Honey

Senior Faculty, Advanced Intensive Instructor, Basic Intensive Instructor, Practicum Supervisor (Advanced & Basic)

Ivan is a Psychologist, International Trainer and a two time #1 Amazon Best selling Author with his children’s book, The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster’, and his new book, ‘Happy Parenting; Raising Positive and Empowered Kids’.

He is the founder of the new ‘Get Happier Project’, which is currently being used and researched in the Los Angeles School District in California and in schools around Australia and in Asia. It has been franchised, copyrighted and trademarked around the world.

He works with many schools to implement the ideas and strategies of Positive Psychology and wellbeing in the classroom. This includes applying the psychology of self-esteem and relationships, emotional intelligence, well-being, motivation, and mind sets for resilience and high performance. He has recently created the ‘Get Happier School’, a comprehensive and developmental curriculum in Social and Emotional learning for Primary Schools.

Ivan has a strong focus on the Mental Health of young people, and in developing clear and simple strategies for prevention and treatment of mental health issues. He is passionate about teaching the psychology of wellbeing and happiness in a visual, fun and holistic way.

Ivan has worked as a psychologist for over 40 years and spent many years running a successful Psychological Practice. He is the co-author of a best selling set of therapeutic cards, called ‘Cars R Us.’ His latest publication, ‘Doug Dragster’s Get Happier Toolbox’ provides schools, counselors and families with the resources to teach and use practical psychology to enhance relationships and performance.

He is a Senior Faculty member of The William Glasser Institute, and teaches throughout Australia and internationally, in the US, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. His works are currently being translated into the Chinese language by a group of psychiatrists at Kunming Hospital.

Ivan’s recent speaking engagements include:

  • Presenter, World Forum on Mental Health and Happiness,
  • Workshops and Speaker, No 2 Bullying Conference in Queensland,
  • Workshops and Speaker, International Mental Health Conference on the Gold Coast,
  • Workshops and Speaker, William Glasser International Conference in Toronto,
  • Workshops and Speaker, Australian William Glasser Institute conference on the Sunshine Coast
  • Workshops and Speaker, William Glasser International Conference Seoul, South Korea.
  • Keynote Speaker and Workshops, International Conference on Children and Youth Work Practice, Singapore
  • Keynote speaker and presenter, Education Re-Engagement forum, Bendigo.
  • Ivan presents regular three and four day trainings and over the last 12 months has conducted these in Mildura, Bendigo, Townsville, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Seoul

Contact details:

Ph: 0413 239 391