Judy Hatswell

Judy Hatswell

Senior Faculty, Advanced Intensive Instructor, Basic Intensive Instructor, Practicum Supervisor (Advanced & Basic)

Australian Psychologist Board Registration: PSY0001138375
Life Member of the Australian Guidance and Counselling Association.

Judy Hatswell is both a teacher and registered psychologist who has held managerial positions at state-wide and regional levels in student welfare, guidance and behaviour disorders. She is currently working as a self-employed training consultant.

Judy was the first Australian Senior Faculty with The William Glasser Institute and continues in this role, and is a Past President of The William Glasser Institute-Australia.

Judy is recognised Australia wide for her outstanding knowledge in the areas of student welfare, behaviour management and whole school approaches enabling students to be responsible for their behaviour. Having worked for many years as a specialist school psychologist for severe behaviour disorders she has trained staff, parents and specialist personnel in the concepts and techniques for effective management.

In her administrative roles Judy has successfully implemented the ideas in managing and organising staff. Over the past twenty years she has given numerous presentations on the concepts, ideas and developing of skills to managers and administrators.

During the past 16 years, Judy has presented Intensive Training in all sectors of the community. She has worked extensively with business personnel, mental health staff, community organisations, local government agencies and non government providers. Judy has also provided intensive training courses and faculty training in South Africa, Iran, Canada and the USA.

Judy has been using and teaching choice theory and reality therapy since 1980. She is highly acclaimed for her entertaining as well as informative presentations; she has a unique ability to synthesise theory into successful practical strategies for ease of implementation into a variety of environments – schools, psychology, residential facilities, administration, government and non-government organisations and a variety of businesses.

Judy is currently training in the areas of:

  • Quality Schooling
  • Choice Theory/Reality Therapy/Lead Management
  • Character Education -Restoring Respect and Responsibility
  • Classroom Management
  • Leading Effective Practice Through Partnerships
  • Communicating for Success
  • Supporting People Through Change
  • Developing Effective Relationships
  • Effective Management Skills in Business

Contact Details:
Email: judyhats@bigpond.net.au

Ph: 02 9872 4231


Australian Psychologist Board Registration: PSY0001138375
Life Member of the Australian Guidance and Counselling Association.

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