Mary-Ellen Davis

Mary-Ellen Davis

Basic Intensive Instructor, Practicum Supervisor (Advanced & Basic)

Mary Ellen Davis: Organisational Psychologist and Consultant

I am a registered psychologist with many years of experience in dealing with difficult workplace relationships and improving workplace conditions.  I started as a secondary teacher, and the first 15 years of my working life were spent in teaching (art, special education, English, geography, Religious Education, ethics and drama) and administration (VCE co-ordinator and Head of Learning) in secondary colleges.

I then transitioned into the field of human relations and psychology while completing further studies using quantitative, qualitative, experiential and creative arts methodologies.

This has enabled me to understand the different way individuals and groups experience the world they live and work in.

I am a Faculty Member of the William Glasser Institute and am Choice Theory and Lead Management Certified.  My consultancy work focuses mainly on the corporate sectors including professional organisations as well as NGO not-for-profit organisations which find themselves in crisis and need to find a better way.  I have done organisational and educational consultancy work for the Archdiocese of Melbourne, the Diocese of Sale and the Diocese of Sandringham.

In my role as human relations consultant and psychologist, I work from my consultation rooms in Melbourne with individuals and groups.

I continue my work as a consultant psychologist onsite with whole organisations in the community and private sector such as service groups, charities, schools, private hospitals, legal firms, businesses and medical clinics.


Other Events

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BIT2128 Basic Intensive Training – Closed | Trinity Primary School, VIC 1 Weeks February 22, 2021