Rob Stones

Rob Stones

Senior Faculty, Advanced Intensive Instructor, Basic Intensive Instructor, Practicum Supervisor (Advanced & Basic)

Rob Stones is a retired High School Principal who is now a much sought-after leadership consultant and executive coach. All his work is all firmly grounded in Choice Theory – the psychology of optimal performance.

Rob has been conducting Basic Intensive Training since 2002 and Advanced and Faculty programs since 2017. He is a Senior Instructor with both the International and Australian Institutes. Rob has taught Choice Theory and Reality Therapy to professionals in the fields of education, business, health and counselling.

Rob designs and facilitates workshops in a wide variety of leadership-related topics such as team-building, coaching, change management and ‘Performance Feed-Forward’. His training events always use the ideas and processes taught by Dr. William Glasser.

Presenting and facilitating Choice Theory workshops remains Rob’s passion and among his most rewarding training experiences. The enthusiastic feedback that he receives from participants in his Workshops and Training always reminds him of the extraordinary capacity of Dr. Glasser’s ideas to re-shape the life and work of those who learn them.

Rob is the Author of books based on Choice Theory principles: ‘The Leader-Mind Equation’ and ‘The Tao of Team in Practice’.  He is also co-author of ‘The Window of Certainty’© (with Judy Hatswell). These books describe the ways in which the insights of Choice Theory can be translated into leadership and management practices that optimise employee engagement by creating need-satisfying workplaces.

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Ph:  0438 174 487

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BIT2140 Basic Intensive Training – Closed | Everton Park State School, Qld 3 Days October 25, 2021

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